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Bir kərə yüksələn bayraq bir daha enməz

Coca-Cola fulfills its social obligations to Uzbekistan

Iran talks launching first direct train with Germany

Iran discloses import and export expenses

China steps up investments in Kazakhstan

Uzbek region reveals results of state property e-trades (Exclusive)

Ministry: Problem with Azerbaijani wine exports to Russia solved

US dollar growing against Uzbek soum again

EIB may open regional office in Uzbekistan

BSTDB president due in Azerbaijan, to talk over new co-op strategy

Presentation of Baku Expo 2025 project held in Paris

Gold prices down in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan announces priority spheres for US investments

Buffett bashes bitcoin as nonproductive, thriving on mystique

Price of precious metals jumps up in Azerbaijan

Construction of plant within Azerbaijan's SOCAR Polymer project almost ready (PHOTO)

Fitch affirms ratings of Uzbek banks

Azerbaijani bank starts issuing UnionPay cards

Baku presents logo of ‘Made in Azerbaijan’ brand (PHOTO)

Azerbaijan exports foodstuff worth almost 55M manats

Authorized capital of Azerbaijan’s Mortgage, Credit Guarantee Fund set

Prices on utilities increase in Kazakhstan

Iran finds new source of food import in Kazakh region (Exclusive)

Azerbaijani manat’s average rate for Dec. 8

Living wage in Kazakhstan increases